Pigeon netting is a versatile and effective solution for addressing various issues related to pigeon infestations. Its primary purpose is to create a physical barrier that prevents pigeons from accessing specific areas, but its applications extend beyond just keeping pigeons away. Here are the different uses of pigeon net, provided by Fast Safety Nets Hyderabad:

1. Residential Applications:

Pigeon net is commonly used in residential areas to protect homes and apartments from pigeon-related issues.

  • Balconies and Terraces: Pigeon net can be installed around balconies and terraces to prevent pigeons from nesting and roosting. This helps keep these areas clean and hygienic.
  • Windows and Ledges: Netting around windows and ledges prevents pigeons from perching and leaving droppings, which can damage surfaces and create a mess.

2. Commercial and Industrial Uses:

Businesses and industrial facilities also benefit from pigeon net to maintain cleanliness and safety.

  • Warehouses: Pigeon net helps protect inventory and machinery in warehouses from pigeon droppings, which can be corrosive and damaging.
  • Factories: In industrial settings, pigeon net can prevent pigeons from entering large open spaces and contaminating products and equipment.
  • Office Buildings: Netting can be used to keep pigeons away from building facades and entrance areas, ensuring a professional and clean appearance.

3. Agricultural Applications:

In agriculture, pigeon net is used to protect crops and livestock from pigeons and other birds.

  • Crop Protection: Netting can be installed over crops and orchards to prevent pigeons from eating and damaging produce.
  • Livestock Areas: Pigeon netting helps keep feed and water sources clean by preventing pigeons from contaminating them.

4. Public Spaces and Infrastructure:

Pigeon netting is also useful in public spaces and infrastructure projects.

  • Bridges and Overpasses: Netting can be installed under bridges and overpasses to prevent pigeons from nesting and causing structural damage.
  • Public Parks: In parks and recreational areas, pigeon netting helps maintain cleanliness by keeping pigeons away from picnic areas and playgrounds.
  • Stadiums and Sports Facilities: Netting around stadiums and sports facilities ensures that pigeons do not disrupt events or leave droppings on seating areas.

5. Historic and Cultural Sites:

Preserving the integrity of historic and cultural sites is crucial, and pigeon netting plays a vital role in this.

  • Monuments and Statues: Pigeon netting protects monuments and statues from being defaced by pigeon droppings, which can cause significant damage over time.
  • Historic Buildings: Netting helps maintain the appearance and structural integrity of historic buildings by preventing pigeons from nesting in nooks and crannies.


Pigeon netting is a versatile solution with a wide range of applications across residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural, and public spaces. By choosing Fast Safety Nets Hyderabad, you can ensure that you receive high-quality, durable pigeon netting tailored to your specific needs. Our expert team provides professional installation services, ensuring effective and long-lasting protection against pigeons. Contact Fast Safety Nets Hyderabad today to learn more about our pigeon netting solutions and how they can benefit you.

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Last Update: May 24, 2024