Birds are fascinating creatures, but sometimes their nesting habits can clash with our own plans. If you’re finding unwanted feathered guests building nests in your yard or in your house, there are humane ways to stop birds from building nests without harming them.

Making Your Space Unattractive:

Birds are particular about their nesting sites. By making your chosen area less appealing, you can encourage them to find a more suitable location.

Clean Up Debris:  Remove any leftover nesting materials from previous years. Keep your yard free of piles of leaves, branches, or other clutter that might seem like good nesting spots.

Block Potential Entrances:  For cavity-nesting birds that seek out holes, use wire mesh or wood to seal up potential nesting spots around your home, like vents, soffits, or eaves.

Discourage Loitering:  Dense vegetation can be attractive to nesting birds. Trim back overgrown bushes and trees near your house to make the area less inviting.

Using Visual and Olfactory Deterrents:

Birds can be startled by unexpected sights and smells. Here are some deterrents that play on their natural instincts.

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The Flash and Shine: Hang reflective objects like wind chimes, Mylar balloons, or old CDs in the nesting area. The flashes and movement can disorient birds and make them feel unsafe.

Unpleasant Odors: Birds dislike strong smells. Soak rags in a solution of peppermint oil, hot pepper flakes, or white vinegar and strategically place them around the area (be sure to replace them regularly as the scent fades).

Scare Tactics:  Holographic scare tape or predator decoys like owl statues can be effective deterrents, but their effectiveness might diminish over time as birds become accustomed to them.

Humane Exclusions:

In some cases, you might need to physically prevent birds from accessing a nesting area. Here are some humane exclusion methods:

Bird Spikes:  These spiky strips placed on ledges or railings deter birds from perching and building nests. Choose spikes that are dull to avoid harming the birds.

Netting:  Use bird netting to block off areas entirely, like balconies or vents. Opt for a loose mesh that allows air circulation and won’t trap birds.


Implementing a combination of physical, visual, and sound deterrents, along with regular nest removal, can effectively stop birds from building nests in unwanted areas. By taking proactive measures, property owners can mitigate the risks associated with bird nesting and maintain a bird-free environment.

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Last Update: March 14, 2024